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The readings and mentoring sessions and goods provided by Kimberly Pyron, Molly Moran, Marietta Metaphysical Arts or any practitioners associated with Marietta Metaphysical Arts also known as MMA,are not a substitute for seeking professional medical care or assistance. Therefore, please do not replace the impressions given to you during your session for any advice that has been given to you by a medical professional. If you are in need of medical, health, psychological or psychiatric care, assistance or consultation, seek out a licensed medical professional for consultation. The information provided during our session is not medical advice and should not be used as a prescription for your medical needs; it is to be used as assistance on your journey of spiritual and personal growth. You, the client, accept and agree to all of these terms and conditions upon booking a reading, energy therapy, clearing/blessing, coaching session or learning program with Molly Moran, Kimberly Pyron or any practitioner associated with Marietta Metaphysical Arts and waive any legal action against Molly Moran and  Kimberly Pyron for the information provided or service provided.  All payments for readings, sessions and clearings are 100% non-refundable.